A0L323Q Introduction to Software Engineering

(2 Credits, 32 Hours; Course Category: Required Course; Specialty: Software Engineering; Prerequisite: Fundamental Programming)
“Introduction to Software Engineering” is the core course for students majoring in Software Engineering. The course doesn’t aim to teach in detail some techniques or tools for software development, but will focus on the systematic knowledge and methodology in software engineering by introducing the actual cases. Through this course, the students will be equipped with the macroscopic and systematic views on software engineering. They will learn the major knowledge and structure, and understand software engineering from system and engineering perspectives. The main contents cover in the course is as follows: (1) Concepts on software and software engineering; (2) Software process and modeling from the view of software system development; (3) Software quality management from the view of quality assurance; (4) Software project management from the view of projects. The students will learn and understand the knowledge structure on software engineering, use modern software modeling methods, develop software system by using advanced platform and tools, build the good system and engineering awareness, grasp the engineering principle (including technique, method, tools and environment) to develop and manage software system. The course lays a solid foundation for sequential specialty courses and the systematic engineering analysis and design in the real world project development.