A0S174Q Practice in Object-oriented and Interactive Application Development

(4 Credits, 64 Hours; Course Category: Required Course; Specialty: Software Engineering; Prerequisite: Programming Fundamentals, Practice in Programming and Computer Application, Object-oriented Programming and Design, User Interface Design and Evaluation)
This is one of the integrated practical courses for students majoring in software engineering. The course focuses on the practice in GUI and object-oriented design and programming, aiming to help the students with basic programming skills.
The objectives of the course includes: mastering the object-oriented analysis, design and implementation technologies; mastering the user interface design and evaluation rules and methods; and learning to use object-oriented technologies and user interface design and evaluation technologies to develop the interactive applications with graphic user interface.The students are required to comply with the standardized software development process including analysis, design, coding, debug, test and submission, and to complete interactive GUI applications in accordance with mission requirements, prepare the documents of the software project, finally complete the project with presentation.
This course is divided into three parts. The first part is course experiments, the second the integrated curriculum designs, and the third the real enterprise projects.
After the course, the students can lay a solid foundation for the development of large-scale and complicated enterprise software applications.