A0S175Q Comprehensive Practice of Data Structure and Algorithm

(4 Credits, 64 Hours; Course Category: Required Course; Specialty: Software Engineering; Prerequisite: Programming Fundamentals, Discrete Mathematics, Practice in Programming and Computer Science, Object-oriented Programming and Design, Practice in Object-oriented and Interactive Application Development, Data Structure, Algorithm Design and Practice)
This is one of the comprehensive practical courses for students majoring in software engineering. The course focuses on the practice in algorithm design and application for the students with basic programming skills.
The objectives of the course are to help the students understand the core idea of data structures and algorithms, to master the logical relationship and storage structure of data structure, the idea and applications of algorithm, and the basic theory and application skills of discrete mathematics, As a result, the students have the ability to analyze problems using discrete mathematical models, to store data using data structures, and to solve practical problems using algorithms.
By the end of this course, students will be able to:
(1) Master the logical structures and physical storage structures of data, algorithm design and implementation technologies;
(2) Master the discrete mathematics analysis models that are used to analyze problems and using algorithm to solve the problems;
(3) Comply with the standardized software development process including analysis, design, coding, debug, test and submission;
(4) Complete algorithm applications in accordance with requirements;
(5) Write software project documents in accordance with the engineering thinking;
(6) Experience the team development process;
(7) Complete the project with presentation.
After the course, the students will lay a solid foundation for the development of large-scale and complicated enterprise software applications.