A0S179Q Comprehensive Practice of Software Engineering

(4 Credits, 64 Hours; Course Category: Required Course; Specialty: Software Engineering; Prerequisite: A0L128Q Software Systems Analysis and Design, A0L248Q Software Systems Structure, A0L255Q Software Quality Assurance, A0L168Q Software Project Management)
This course is designed to provide students a several-week long immersion in the development of software systems with a focus on software engineering development and management processes and practices adopted by the leading software developers. The training will stimulate the real development environment and based on the real user requirements.
The training is designed to help the students to develop the skills that will enable them to capture the need from the users and transform the users’ needs to a holistic software solution and enable them to construct software with proved quality.
The training focuses on fostering students’ understanding on the technological areas such as software analysis and design, project management and quality assurance and improving their working and communication skills in a collaborative developmental environment.