Introduction of NMT Program

NMT Program (Nano-materials and Technology Program) is a joint undergraduate degree program hosted by Beijing Jiaotong University and University of Waterloo. The two universities based on fruitful 2+2 programs which started from 2008 and decided to launch this new program in 2013. They aim to educate top students in nanomaterials and technology and so incubate potential breakthrough by sharing their outstanding educational resources. On the one hand, the School of Science, BJTU is distinguished at Mathematic, Physics, Chemistry and Biology; on the other hand, the Institute of Nanoscience, UW is renowned for its nanotechnology research and education worldwide.

To win the dual degrees from the Universities, students will have to go through three stages in the four-year university time. The first stage consists of two initial years. Students need to study full-time at BJTU to complete the curriculum covering general education, humanities, mathematics and physics, computer training courses and to strengthen or master basic knowledge or theory in science and relevant skills and methodology. During this period of time, an intensive English language training course will be offered. School of Sciecne, BJTU and Renison University Collage, UW means to jointly design and provide adapted ESL courses for students of NMT to ensure students to improve English skills as much as possible. The second stage will be the third year. In this year, students will study full-time at UW and gain specialized knowledge and practical skills in nano-chemistry and physics, nano-biotechnology. The third stage will be the final year and students are required to study full-time at BJTU. They are required to take part in a certain research project, and finally complete graduate thesis.

In terms of courses, the program offers courses covering the topics in nano-chemistry and physics, nanodevices, nanobiotechnology, etc. in line with the key aspects in the field of nanomaterials and technology. In these courses, students will benefit solid academic foundation from various application selections and dense interdisciplinary skill trainings, and be informed of meaningful high technology and science in the long run.

To be short, this program is designed for students who are interested in high-tech materials and nanotechnology, and attempts to equip them with apt ability, knowledge, and skills to meet the needs of scientific trend in the field of nanomaterials and technology in China and the world. (If you are interested in joining the program or making cooperation, please find us on: or write an email to )